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About Me

I build websites and applications in CMS and custom environments. I'm a front-end and newly-minted full-stack developer with background in e-commerce and fintec. I hit the ground fast running and ask the few critical questions needed to get the job done. I always deliver in the agreed time frame and exceed expectations. I believe in the agile methodology as implemented in many of my workplaces and never hesitate to suggest/propose alternatives to the chosen path and their impact on the LTS / market delivery date.

A highly skilled communicator with 3 years living abroad, 4 years teaching language and Social Science, top notch builder of easy and fun rapport with individuals across a broad cultural spectrum and capable of communicating complex concepts in simple terms; let me know your goals and I'll build the perfect web entity to meet your business / personal needs, and within your budget.

Some hobbies; wines and wine touring, scuba diving, snowboarding, Burning Man, and I play the jazz bass in loose associations of personnel at various SF venues prior to Covid. We co-opt the sax player's back yard until everybody's vaccinated.🎷


App Academy

Full-Stack Software Engineering Program November 2020

React | Redux | Ruby | Rails | Javascript | Postgres | MongoDB


Java Engineering Certificate Program June 2013

Java Fundamentals & Advanced Java, Java UI, Data Structures & Algorithms, Unix/Linux & Shell Scripting, SQL Server Databases, C++.

U.C.San Diego

B.A. Degree in Italian Literature w/ Minor in Sociology June 1996


Delta Dental

Web Developer on Contract March 2019 - Present

  • serve as local reference on all version control matters related to and emanating from Git, updated Git procedures to improve work-flow and reduce content loss and errors.
  • dramatically updated Veterans’ Affairs VADIP Site to reflect current web and UI standards,
  • updated Litmus project organization using new taxonomy and created proprietary “Sortsit” Chrome extension to improve UI experience and ease of use,
  • serve as local expert on new html email building system and resource for other developers to help them learn.

Electronic Arts

Web Developer on Contract January 2019 – March 2019

  • assisted in buildout of Learning Management System for internal use among EA employees,
  • created, tracked, and developed all bugs, features, pages to be built out on Jaas, Jira-like bug tracking system,
  • version controlled using Git.,
  • provided assistance on other projects when there’s need.

Addis Consulting

Web Developer on Contract September 2017 - November 2018

  • built web sites and pages as needed for Dupont Chemical,
  • used Grunt for scaffolding, building, and minification,
  • implemented Jquery navigation with smoothscrool,
  • built out and Qaed contact forms.

Stella & Dot

Web Content Developer February 2016 – June 2017

  • Served as Senior Optimizely Staff for A/B, and multivariate experiments resulting in one-year 5 million increase in revenue,
  • built custom meme-generator social-media-integrated page tool to be used on promotions year ‘round by S & D stylists for social sharing; html5 canvas, facebook sdk, api,
  • spearheaded strict and complete templatization of pages under new CMS; personal mantra ~ “all locales under one page“– (tried to make it stick) Twig templating engine,
  • created wiki documentation for all operations / code release in new templating CMS,
  • performed code releases with numbing regularity,
  • developed and shared GIT processes for safe version control of multi-developer project work,
  • wrote shell scripts to automate tasks within cms and git environment,
  • liased between marketing team and dev team to ensure prompt and accurate delivery of requirements,
  • created all projects in Twig (templating engine) using LESS pre-processor,
  • coded out dynamic transactional and weekly static informational emails,
  • served as mentor and lead dev under holiday-season complete personnel change-over,
  • proactively sought out special projects and educational opportunities.


UI Engineer / Tech Lead on Contract December 2014 - December 2015

  • Improved platform-wide up-to-date site user-experience consistency across more than 60 Latin American PayPal websites with varying ages of code base,
  • moved over 20000 files, over 4000 pages from individual to shared directories, dramatically reducing code bloat, and partly-utilizing hand-coded shell scripts,
  • oversaw training of new individuals on MPP Platform in BEST practices,
  • completed all projects (over 70) on-time and delivered iterative value on all interim LTS,
  • adapted and introduced time-based release process for showing new content on sites without the need to push off-cycle, last-minute code changes,
  • coded first - ever donations site for LATAM in Mexico in conjunction with dozens of charitable organizations,
  • implemented AJAX and marketing accessible database to build first free-return shipping web micro-sites for PayPal LATAM Mexico and Brazil to offer free-return shipping on PayPal purchases in those countries,
  • handled all last-minute off-cycle requests with professionalism, completion and redundancy,
  • wrote shell scripts for programmatic administrative tasks.


Js, Angular, React, Dust.js, Node.js, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 & pre-processors, Java, C++, Linux/UNIX, Git, MySQL, mongoDB, ASP, XML, XSL, Apache, Gulp, Grunt, Yeoman Scaffolding, Bootstrap, Flex, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento, A/B & multivariate Testing with Optimizely and Node.js, Photoshop.

  • Javascipt
  • Angular
  • React
  • Redux
  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • Node
  • jQuery
  • GIT
  • Wordpress
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Photoshop

Client Testimonials

  • I brought Seth on at Keynote Systems as a UI Developer intern to work on bringing a 200+ file outdated application compliant with IE10 and backward compliant. Seth did a great job for us fixing bugs and refreshing an antiquated 1999-era UI built with tables and iframes.

    Although his course of study had benn Java, he agreed to learn Javascript in a few weeks leading up to his internship. He learned Javascipt and front-end technologies so fast and tt was such a pleasure working with him, that I brought him with me to Onboardify to finish building out our responsive website in Bootstrap and help out with our Javascript Angular application in its early stages. He made important contributions and I’m grateful for his help.

    Avrami Hendlish - Onboardify
  • What impressed me about Seth was his ability to hit the ground running, grokking the architecture of these sites well enough to create new page templates, coordinate the efforts of an entirely remote team, manage all work-flow to the client. He also laid out a detailed roadmap for my company to streamline the version control process by identifying and documenting BEST GIT practices for my developers.

    Jaki Levy - Arrowroot Media

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